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Claim a Pokemon character!

Post by Shaymin on Thu 22 Dec 2011 - 6:00

To claim a character, all you have to do is post your username, the character you want to claim, and which part of Pokemon they're from (if they're from more than one, they count as different characters so please specify) (eg User111: Ash Ketchum (anime)). You can claim up to 5 characters. They must all be from the Pokemon franchise.

Claims so far (Japanese names added), in the order they were claimed:

Misty/Kasumi (anime) (Shaymin)
N (game) (Shaymin)
Shadow Triad/Dark Trinity (game) (Shaymin)
Cynthia/Shirona (game) (Shaymin)
Red (game) (Shaymin)

To start:
Shaymin: Misty (anime), N (game), Shadow Triad (game, I say this counts because there is nothing to distinguish between the 3 members), Cynthia (game) and Red (game)


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